Chew proof dog, puppy beds

As the dogs are known to easily chew and destroy any bed or item made from conventional fabrics like cotton, twill, it is advisable to purchase dog beds made from military grade chew proof material, which the dog cannot bite or chew. The material should not be allergenic , so that the pet does not fall sick after spending a lot of time on the bed. Some of the chew proof dog beds are made entirely from metals like aluminum which most puppies and dogs will not be able to bite or chew, so these dog beds will last a long time. Additionally aluminum dog beds are corrosion proof and also light weight making it easy for the dog owner to move the bed from one place to another.

If the chew proof dog bed has a conventional design, using chew proof fabric over foam, there are some important factors in the design which have to be considered. Dogs and puppies will usually attack any zip or buttons which are visible to them, ripping them apart with their sharp teeth. Hence it is advisable to purchase dog beds which are using covers with concealed velcro fixtures, as the dog or puppy is less likely to locate these fixtures. Since dogs are also likely to attack the corners of the bed, the dog bed should have rounded sides or be circular in shape.